Last Day at SAIC

Submitted by Ed_B on Thu, 09/29/2011 - 13:23


I am no longer associated with the School of the Art institute of Chicago. I have the fondest memories of the 22 years of teaching, researching, and making at SAIC. Currently, I'm working on the electronics and motion control of the Osloom Open-Source Loom project, exploring new 32-bit microcontroller platforms, and investigating the Android ADK.

My last class was "Electronics as an Art Material".  Here's the group. We did series and parallel circuits that day. 

I'm at the back in the blue shirt. Clockwise are Ivan (my indispensable TA), Antoinette, Bo Mi, Ilwon, Ha Jung, Kari, Wolfgang, and Karl. Isabelle and Eric are out of the frame.

This is what my whiteboard looked like.


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