Sustainable Inventory

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One of the the most interesting charateristic about the Kinetics Lab at the School of the Art Institute is the sustainable inventory that we make available for students.

The sustainable inventory serves many purposes from raw materials , pedigogical purposes, inspirational tool, to demo. The materials allow students to engage in play in the art making processes. Students are able to learn from existing equipment  how mechanisms work and how they can incorporate a mechanism into  their kinetics art pieces.

Every summer I receive cart loads of decommissioned equipment from on and off campus to be added to the inventory. A few summers ago I received from our Computer Resource and Information Technology Services  five photocopiers. Here are some pictures of the usable materials that were extracted from these machines. But most often equipment are placed on the shelf in it's entirety.

Here is a pic usable materials at the end of the teardown of five copiers.

There a  ton of actuactors that can be reclaimed from these machines. You can see the assorted cluctches, motors,  gears, optical sensors that were reclaimed in the above pic.

Tons of steel shafts and different types of rollers were sorted and placed on the shelf.

The photocopier beds makes great linear actuators . These were quickly snapped up by students

We extracted some other fun stuff like light bars and led strips, not to mention the motion modules that could be quickly incoporated in a kinetics sculpture. For instance the middle picture shows a pair of toner stirrers. the object itself kind a remininces  something that would have been incorporated n in a Rebecca Horne work. The motion of the stirrers  were  just simply elegant.