Video Slides from Ed's Sketching 2010 presentation

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These are some videos I prepared for my discussion on Sustainable Inventory and teaching mechatronic subjects to art students. They show happy students making or discussing electronic artworks made in the SAIC kinetics lab, or using the kinetics facility's resources.

The talk was at Sketching in Hardware 10 , "The fifth annual summit on the design and use of physical computing toolkits", July 23-25th 2010 in Los Angeles.


”Active Light Cloud”, Bo Rodda, 2008

Architectural installaton using ArtBus


Testing the ArtBus for Bo Rodda's Piece

Open CV in Open Frameworks operates vison system and drives the lights.
The ArtBus  componant is being tested here with 80 output lines to simulate
the actual installation piece.


 Flag Register

Test of the timer-scheduler library. Several
devices operating at independent rates.


Jan Pieter Fokkens

Jason Cook

Seung Yun Shin

Josh Tillinghast