Bringing new life to old machines

Submitted by ayu on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 14:38

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I spent this past summer retrofitting our 40 year old lathe and mill with contemporary digital readouts. Since our Clausings were of smaller size than most machining tools, it was hard to find something that were applicable. We purchased two sets of Anilam DRO kits.

The process of the retrofitting was pretty involved. It took two and half weeks to complete . The kits came with hanging brackets to attach the glass scales to the machine. But there were a lot of modifications to existing structures and brackets to accommodate the readouts. We  had also replaced the whole motor assemby with a three phase motor and phase invertor about four years ago, so students would be able to dial in the speed pretty easily without accessing  the machine tool to change the belts. Now we have a pretty kick ass setup, giving new life to machine tools that had been around for 40 years.


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