DRO Retrofit

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Retrofitting the large machine tools in the lab, pretty much took over the use of the lab.

The digital readouts are glass scales with an optical reading sensors.  The scales are attach so they are stationary while the encoders move back and forth with the table. Here (in the second picture) you can see the attachments of the scales with brackets provided from the installation kits. I had to cut down some of the brackets and remill the slots, due to the brackets being too long.  The extra length of the cables were addressed and bundled on to the wall. I also had to put a manual stop on the z axis (seen in the pic.) so we could insure that there would be no over travel that would damage the glass scale.

The work on the lathe was much more straight forward. The toughest thing, was attaching the scale on the cross feed. I had to put a manual stop on the lathe also so the students could not collide the chuck into the scale on the cross feed. 

The extra cables were bundled and attaced to the machine tool.


Mitchell Chan using the newly retrofitted lathe this fall in Dan Miller's Fabrication for Motion class.